• NikkiNicks

    Ok, so I saw it last night (after attempting two times), so what are my thoughts, well let's find out

    1: They did stay mainly faithful, and it was kinda nostalgic seeing parts from the book come to life

    2: Some of the practical effects were good, like how Crowley's claws looked in the barber shop sequence, and also the effects of the corpses looked good

    3: Some of the cinematography, like when the police collect Neblin's body, you see the back of John, and the police are in the background, that shot looked cool

    4: The only change that I LIKED, was that they did take a bit of time fleshing out John and Brooke's relationship

    5: Some of the sequences were a bit thrilling, like when John and his mom embalm Crowley

    Alot of the changes, like for examp…

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  • NikkiNicks

    Hello there, it's Nikki ans heres my review od the newly released book in the JWC Series Over Youe Dead Body

    Although i did like this book, it had some interesting parts of it, such as the killings, Brooke channeling Marci and Agent Mills

    But besides that, this book was a bit disappointing, not that much really happens, even the climax was dull, even though i thought Beth was a good choice to reveal as the killer, the way that John kills her is a bit anti-climatic

    The ending, tugged at my heart strings and me sad at the same time

    Overall = 8/10

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  • NikkiNicks

    Hey everyone, it's Nikki, and this is my review of the John Wayne Cleaver series

    Warning,: This Review Contains Some Spoilers

    IANASK is a amazing thriller with an fascinating story, unique characters and a intriging mystery, along with some oddly dark humor, it was definatly a 10/10 for me

    Althoguh a bit slow, it was just as good as the first one for me, along with John and Brooke's relationship and excellent interactions

    I really loved it, the twist that there was two killers definatly caught me off guard, i didn't even think there was two killers, and April's and Marci's deaths were so sad, i almost cried at April's

    Even though i had some issues with it, i really liked it, with Wells introducing some new concepts without changing the atmosphe…

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