Brooke Watson is a main character and love interest to John Cleaver in the Dan Wells' John Wayne Cleaver Series.

She will be portrayed by Lucy Lawton in the 2016 film adaptation.


Brooke was born (most likely) around the same time as John prior to the events of the series. John describes her as tall, thin, blue-eyed and blonde.

I Am Not A Serial KillerEdit

In the first book, she has a somewhat small role. John has an obsession with her. He follows her around and spies here from the window. She seems to be interested in John, approaching to speak with him in the Halloween school dance.

Mr. MonsterEdit

It seems some time has passed between the end of the previous book and Mr.Monster. John, now with a car and a driver license, drives Brook to school and back home every day. In general, they spend a lot more time together. And they try to have several dates, but these always get spoilt.

I Don't Want To Kill YouEdit

After what happened in Forman house, Brooke doesn't want to be involved with John ever again to the point of stop to speak with him altogether. Her role is somewhat small, now that John has Marci as a girlfriend.

The Devil's Only FriendEdit

After being "possessed" by Nobody, Brooke maintained her memories of everything. This was helpful at the beginning, she could tell the FBI team where the withered were, but with time here mental state started decaying, probably caused by the thousand of years memories of the girls Nobody had "possessed" over those years.