Clark Forman, real name Kanta, is the antagonist of Mr. Monster. A Withered posing as a FBI agent, he is looking for the killer of Mkhai in Clayton.


According to Nathan Gentry, Kanta is a name from Hindi.[1]


Killed byEdit

Electrocuted by an electrified knife John prepared while he was away (looking for Brooke). John tied the end of a wire to the metallic handle of a knife, then made Forman pick it up and thus electrocuting him. He melted into soulstuff before the fire began.

Killed VictimsEdit


Trivia Edit

  • Clark Forman's methods of captivity and torture was inspired by real-life serial killer Gary M. Heidnik, who kidnapped, tortured and raped six women and kept them prisoner in his basement in Philadelphia.
  • Kanta lacks emotions he can only feel what other around him feel. He also doesn't care whether the emotions are positive or negative just their strength.

References Edit

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