Elijah Sexton, real name Meshara, is the main viewpoint character of the novella Next of Kin and a major character in The Devil's Only Friend.


According to Nathan Gentry, Meshara is a name of Sumerian origin [1], which suggests he may come from here or borrowed a name when he was there thousands of years ago.

Like the other Withered, Meshara took part in a ritual to gain immortality, and gave up his memories to become Gifted, which he speculates he might have done to forget some terrible acts he did [2]. After that, according to Brooke, he became worshipped as a god of dreams [3].

His memories after that are muddled but, either his own or ones he stole, tell him that he fought in Egypt, spent time in Crete, was a Portuguese sailor during the Age of Exploration, lived as a banker in Nebraska, as a soldier in the Confederacy [4], and fought in the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War [5], before settling in Fort Bruce.


Killed byEdit

While talking to John, Potash snuck behind him and decapitated him.[6]



Trivia Edit

  • Meshara lacks a memory of his own if he doesn't take memories from the living or recently deceased he starts to forget

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